2021 Project Entries

Entries for 2021 are now closed. 

Information regarding the results and prizegiving will be communicated to Teachers by the start of May. 

Best of luck to everyone who has entered this year! 


Important Documents before you submit your project

Consent Forms

Individual consent forms must be submitted for each student (whether an individual or group entry) and for the supporting teacher taking part. Unfortunately, any project submitted without the accompanying consent forms, completed in full for each person involved, cannot be considered.

Competition Information

Be sure to review the information sheet before submitting your entry!

Sample Marking Rubric

Here is a sample marking rubric that was used in a past YEOTY Competiton. Whilst there is no guarantee the exact same rubric will be used this year, you can bet it will be very similar! Be sure to double check your project has 'ticked all the boxes' before submitting!


FAQ (Please read before submitting)

What should be included on the title page of the project?

The title page/start of the project must include:

  • the name of the project,

  • the year group of the students that did the project

  • the name(s) of the student(s) that authored the project

The project should NOT include:

  • the name of the school

  • the name of the mentoring teacher.

These details are recorded in the submission form and should not appear on the project in the interests of ensuring anonymity and fairness in the marking and judging process. 

Do you need a consent form for everyone in the group?

Yes - if there is more than one person that took part in your entry than you must include a consent form for each person. The teacher consent form (included in the same document as the student consent form).

Does the student or teacher upload the project?

Either! It's up to you! When you complete the form, a copy of the form will be emailed to the person who completed the form. We advise that if the teacher fills in the form then they forward the email receipt to the student(s) that wrote the project and vice versa

I made a YouTube Video/Prezi/Powtoon etc. How can I upload this?!

Put the link on to a word document and upload the word document into the Submission Form. 
Remember, if its a YouTube video it needs to be set to Public or Unlisted. If you have it as Private we won't be able to see it!

My project won't upload, what do I do!!!

Don't worry, take a deep breath and relax! Send an email to youngecnomist@pdst.ie and explain the issue you are having. The more information you can give us, the more likely we will be able to help you solve the issue nice and quick! If you can send us screenshots of the problem, even better! 

Once you email us, don't worry, we will reply, but please bear with us, there are usually lots of questions emailed in the lead up to the deadline, so we might be a little slow to reply, but we will get back to you, don't worry! 

I have a question, but its not listed here!

Then send us an email with your question: youngeconomist@pdst.ie. One of the team will get back to you as soon as they can! 

You never know, if its a really good question, then it might even get added here! 


YEOTY 2021 Project Submissions

1st Year Entry Form

This link is for 1st Year Projects Only.

1st Year Entries.png
1st Year Entries (1).png

2nd Year Entry Form

This link is for 2nd Year Projects Only.

3rd Year Entry Form

This link is for 3rd Year Projects Only.

1st Year Entries (2).png
1st Year Entries (3).png

4th Year (TY) Entry Form

 This link is for 4th Year/Transition Year Projects Only.

5th Year Project Entry Form

This link is for 5th Year Projects Only.

1st Year Entries (4).png
1st Year Entries (5).png

6th Year Project Entry Form

This link is for 6th Year Projects Only.

Northern Ireland Entry Form

This link is for Projects from Northern Ireland only.

1st Year Entries (7).png
1st Year Entries (6).png

International Entry Form

This link is for projects from schools/students outside of Ireland only