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YEOTY 2020 Virtual National Awards Ceremony

Due to Covid-19, our planned awards ceremony in UCD could not take place. Instead, we will be holding our virtual awards ceremony 'live' on Friday 19th June @ 11 a.m. The live ceremony can be viewed on YouTube on the link below or you can watch it here!

The winning entries can be found below.

YEOTY Programme 2020

To download a pdf of the Official Programme for the PDST Young Economist of the Year Awards 2020 please click the button below

PDST Young Economist of the Year 2020 Winning Entries

Overall Young Economist of the Year

Faolán Ó Cathmhaoil from Coláiste Oiriall, Monaghan

Project: The Economic Sustainability of Index-Funds for Equity Markets
Teacher: Diarmuid Mac Cionna
Description: A report which looks at the rise in popularity of passive index funds and ETFs as investment vehicles in equity markets in recent years. I look at why these funds have become so popular, the benefits they provide for investors, some risks they might pose in terms of price efficiency, liquidity, and governance, and whether they might play a role in the next financial crisis as some critics have claimed.

Central Bank of Ireland Award

Giulia Baratta from St. Andrew’s College, Dublin

Project: Pandemics and the Economy: How can Central Banks Respond?
Teacher: James Doyle
Description: An analysis of how major central banks reacted to the world economic crisis that happened in the wake of the COVID epidemic in China. How complex and interconnected world economies and supply chains are and how central banks can support demand and production through monetary channels.


Aoife Walshe, Meadhbh Quinn, Ella Seery & Elizabeth Hutchinson from Mount Sackville Secondary School, Dublin

Project: The Impact of the use of Supermarket Vouchers on the Environment and our Economy
Teacher: Olga Owens
Description: Climate Change has become a huge part of our lives in the past few years. One contributing factor to climate change is food wastage. We wanted to take a look as an aspect we felt might have a knock-on effect: vouchers. We also wanted to investigate whether or not these vouchers are tricking the consumer into buying more than they necessarily want.

Junior Young Economist of the Year

Tom Knoblauch from St. Brendans

Project: Can Economics help to save our world?
Teacher: Eimear Buckley

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