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  • YEOTY 2023 Photo Gallery | Young Economist of the Year

    Young Economist of the Year 2023 Photo Gallery All photos were taken by Paul Moore Photography.

  • About YEOTY | PDST Young Economist of the Year 2022

    YEOTY 2024 Information on YEOTY 2024 is out now! Click the button below for more information about YEOTY 2024! ​ ​ ​ The 2024 Teacher CPD session to support mentoring students took place online on Thursday 9th November 2023. Recordings and resources can be found by clicking the link below. ​ ​ The portal for submitting entries will open in mid February 2024. The deadline for submitting entries will be on 1st March 2024. The Awards Ceremony will take place on the 8th May 2024 in the University of Limerick. Click here for information on YEOTY 2024 Click here for resources from the CPD Day About Oide Young Economist of the Year YEOTY, as it has become affectionately known, is now in its tenth year and is developing into a significant national awards event for the enjoyment and promotion of economics. Commencing in 2013, the initiative has grown from strength to strength with an increasing number of participants and an improved level of quality each year. The national awards event rotates amongst the major third-level institutions in Ireland. The first YEOTY was hosted by the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting at Maynooth University in 2013. Each year economics teachers across the country attend a professional learning day organised by Oide in association with members of the Irish Economics Association (IEA) to learn about the latest developments in economics in order to enhance their own knowledge and in turn that of their students. Teachers then work with students on inquiry-based projects to be submitted to the annual Young Economist of the Year competition organised by Oide. In inviting students to explore real life issues through their projects, it is an excellent medium to facilitate students in developing greater economic literacy and to understand how economics relates to their everyday lives and future. Researching economic issues in this way empowers students to develop knowledge and skills that can be applied to many areas of life and further study. Submissions to YEOTY have demonstrated a clear understanding that economics is about our choices and behaviours and how these impact on our individual lives, our country, global economies and on the planet we share. The purpose of the YEOTY awards is to showcase, acknowledge and celebrate the work of students and teachers in planning, preparing and sharing their projects. The Oide Young Economist of the Year (YEOTY) national awards, is an initiative of Oide. Oide is the largest teacher support service in Ireland serving approximately 35,000 post-primary teachers of which approx. 1,500 are business and economics teachers. Oide is funded by the Teacher Education Section (TES) of the Department of Education and Skills (DES). The DES fund the Oide Young Economist of the Year awards as part of the continuing professional development of teachers of business and economics. YEOTY partners include members of the Irish Economics Association (IEA) the Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service (IGEES), the Central Bank of Ireland, the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment and economics and education departments in all of the major third level institutions in Ireland. Each partner contributes to the continuing professional development of economics teachers, evaluates projects and sponsors prizes for the awards. YEOTY is a shining example of the high level of commitment from students and their teachers to the study of economics and the types of partnerships in education being encouraged and enabled by the Department of Education and Skills. How to get involved in YEOTY • Participating schools may hold their own internal competition and may choose a maximum of three projects per class to submit to YEOTY. • The projects are submitted online in February/March through the portal on • The shortlisted projects are invited to attend the YEOTY awards in a leading university, rotating around supporting universities annually). • There are various awards for sections re sponsor interest groups – e.g. Central Bank award; IGEES award etc. ​

  • YEOTY CPD Evening 2021 | PDST Young Economist of the Year 2022

    PDST YEOTY CPD November 2021 In case you missed the annual CPD event for teachers that are interested in entering students into the Young Economist of the Year Competition. ​ Below you will find recordings from all the speakers from the evening, and their various presentations. ​ We hope you find them useful in your preparations. If you have any questions regarding anything you see below or anything else relating to the competition, please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can Click here for Information Flyer about the CPD Evening Full Recording of the CPD Evening Advice from the Judging Panel Dr Kevin Denny Kevin studied economics at University College Dublin and Oxford University. He was a senior researcher at the Institute for Fiscal Studies in London before returning to take up an academic post in UCD in 1992. He is now associate professor and Head of School in the UCD School of Economics. His research interests include labour markets, education and the economics of health. Click here for the slides from this presentation Developing Creative Lines of Inquiry with a Sound Economic Focus Dr Bruno Morando Bruno joined the University of Maynooth as a lecturer in September 2021. Before that, he was an adjunct assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin and a research economist at Indecon Economic Consultants. Bruno holds a PhD in Economics from Trinity College Dublin, a Masters in Economics from the University of Bologna and a BSc in Business and Economics from the University of Verona. Bruno’s research interests include Development and Agricultural Economics and he has taught a wide array of different economics courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Click here for the slides from this presentation Suporting Students in Working with Data Shane Kirwan Shane is an advisor with PDST in the areas of senior cycle economics and business as well as the leaving certificate vocational programme and is currently on secondment to PDST from Gaelcholáiste Cheatharlach. Shane has been supporting teachers of economics with the implementation of the new subject specification since 2019. Click here to view the slides from the presentation Data Visualisation Journey Darren Lawlor Darren Lawlor is a Senior Parliamentary Researcher (Economics) with the Oireachtas Parliamentary Research Service (PRS) within the Oireachtas Library & Research Service (L&RS). An economics and public policy graduate of Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, Darren has previously worked in policy, communications and advocacy roles within the Department of An Taoiseach, Public Affairs Ireland and European Movement Ireland. In his current role, Darren has led the development of in-house data visualisation capacity since 2015 and is the PRS Data Visualisation Team lead. Darren is also the current chair of the Ireland/UK Inter-Parliamentary Visualisation Network (IPVIS), a collaborative network of parliamentary research units across these islands. Click here to view the slides from the presentation Click here for Part 2 of the Video Update on Resources Dr Rachel Farrell Rachel is a former deputy director of the PDST and co-founder of the Young Economist of the Year. Rachel supported schools in the areas of economics and the business subjects as well as the use of digital technologies while with the PDST. Prior to this Rachel was a teacher of economics for over 20 years. Currently Rachel is assistant professor of initial teacher education in the school of education in UCD. Click here for the slides from the presentation Other Resources Click here for a pdf of lots of links that may be useful for you

  • 2021 Winners | PDST Young Economist of the Year 2022

    YEOTY 2021 Virtual National Awards Ceremony Due to Covid-19, our planned awards ceremony in UCD could not take place. Instead, we will be holding our virtual awards ceremony 'live' on Thursday 20th May @ 7 p.m. The live ceremony can be viewed on YouTube on the link below or you can watch it here! ​ Some of the winning entries can be found below. More projects will be uploaded over the next few weeks. Click here to watch the Live Awards Ceremony YEOTY Programme 2021 To download a pdf of the Official Programme for the PDST Young Economist of the Year Awards 2021 please click the button below Download PDST Young Economist of the Year 2021 Winning Entries Overall Young Economist of the Year Amy Bellew, Lois O'Hare, Osarugue Edomwande, Abby Rice, Aoibheann NiFhearaigh, Sophie Begley from Our Lady's College, Greenhills, Drogheda Project: Imperial Economics - The Winds of Change Teacher: Aileen Hanratty Description: We examine the economic policy of Great Britain during the early 20th century through the lens of the Disney Musical 'Mary Poppins'. We consider the role of the Empire's colonies in generating wealth for Britain and the degree to which it relied on environmentally and socially unsustainable means of production. We also evaluate the impact of the prevailing laissez-faire system of capitalism on the welfare of the British working classes. We then review the vulnerability of the banking system to unforeseen shocks. And finally, we question whether the classical model of economics was sustainable and could withstand the social and political upheaval of the next two decades. We conclude that a more proactive model, as proposed by Keynes, would be needed. claimed. Click here to view the project Central Bank of Ireland Award Luke Diggin from Killorglin Community College, Kerry Project: What impact have central banks and monetary policy had on inequality? Teacher: Lisa Cahillane Description: In the past thirty years, income and wealth inequality has hit record levels in Western nations. There is a myriad of elements influencing what has been a thirty-year march of history into our current position. Several factors have been posited for this stark and startling growth, from globalisation to technology to tax reform or the decline of trade unions. In the wake of the financial crisis, many turned their ire in a different direction: banks. While most of this was simplistic, economically illiterate bluster, some important questions were asked, in particular about the role central banks play in creating or exacerbating income and wealth inequality. Recently, some central bankers have even conceded that their work has distributive effects (Matthews & Torres, 2020). The coronavirus pandemic has elevated and entrenched inequality within society. It has also led to yet more expansion of the role in central banks. At no other time in history have inequality and monetary policy been so relevant and so entwined in one other. My research question, inspired by this, is “What impact have central banks and monetary policy had on inequality?” To answer this question I will first examine the theory behind monetary policy’s relationship with inequality, before researching a real-world affect of these theories on the Irish economy. Click here to view the project IGEES Overall Award Saskia Kirkland from Saint Andrews College, Dublin Project: Income inequality throughout the pandemic; how the elasticity of hand sanitizer and face masks are an example on income inequality due to the pandemic Teacher: James Doyle Description: My project is all about income inequality throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 2020 all of our lives have been completely transformed by the pandemic, and the restrictions surrounding it. however, it is clear that these restrictions have had a disproportionate effect on lower-income earners, who have endured the worst of job losses. my project aims to highlight the effect the pandemic has had on widening income inequality, by analysing how the PED of hand sanitiser and face masks have changed since the start of the pandemic. Click here to view the project Senior Environmental and Sustainability Award Saskia Kirkland Fergal Francis from St Andrews College, Dublin Project: "How effective has Irish Government policy been in reducing consumption of non-electric cars and incentivising the usage of electric cars; what happens next and what can the government do?" Teacher: James Doyle Description: In recent years we have, unfortunately, seen the extent of the negative impact humans have on our planet. The increase in CO2 and other harmful emissions caused by traditionally fueled petrol and diesel cars is destroying the earth. In this crisis we turn to the government to help us protect the environment. We wanted to find out what policies the Irish government has introduced so far, and which have been most successful. We did this through looking at how the market equilibrium for electric and non-electric cars changed in reaction to the policies. However, we wanted to gain a deeper understanding of how these policies impacted consumption patterns. To do this we analyzed the PED, YED and XED of electric, hybrid, and traditionally fueled cars. By comparing the elasticities before and after the policies were introduced, we were able to see exactly how well they worked and provide recommendations for the government on future policies. Click here to view the project Junior Young Economist of the Year Hugo Phelan from Glenstall Abbey Project: The Economics of Space Investment Teacher: Mairead O'Sullivan Click here to view the project Junior Environmental and Sustainability Award Daniel Scally and Paul Conway from Tullamore College Project: What are the economic impacts of climate change and renewable energy for Ireland Teacher: John Lowndes Description: Climate Change and the economic implication of climate change is the focal point of our project along with renewable energy, as these are topics that we feel attention must be drawn to urgently. We are extremely passionate about promoting and conserving a healthy environment so that we, as humans, can live sustainably and in unity as a species, on a clean, green planet, without constant fear of the onslaught of natural disasters Click here to view the project

  • Yeoty | Young Economist of the Year | Ireland

    Oide Young Economist of the Year Welcome to the website of the Oide Young Economist of the Year Award! ​ This site is your one-stop shop to find out everything you need to know about the Oide Young Economist of the Year Competition, or YEOTY as it has become affectionately known. ​ On this website, you can find out information about our partners, past entries and what the competition is. To find out more about YEOTY click the link below. ​ Find Out More YEOTY 2024 National Awards Ceremony See below a link showing the highlights of the National Awards Ceremony held in the University Concert Hall in University of Limerick on 8th May 2024. Click here to see more from the 2024 Awards Ceremony YEOTY Programme 2024 To download a pdf of the Official Programme for the Young Economist of the Year Awards 2024 please click the button below Download Click here to see the full photo gallery from the Awards Ceremony YEOTY 2025 Information on YEOTY 2025 will be released in the new academic year. If you want to start your preparations early, click the button below for more information about YEOTY 2024! ​ ​ ​ The 2024 Teacher CPD session to support mentoring students took place online on Thursday 9th November 2023. Recordings and resources can be found by clicking the link below. A date for the 2025 CPD session will be announced in the new school year ​ ​ ​ The portal for submitting entries will open in January 2025. The deadline for submitting entries will be late February/early March 2025. The Awards Ceremony will take place on 7th May 2025 in ATU. Click here for information about YEOTY 2024 Click here for resources from the CPD day Get in Touch Submit Thanks for submitting! Oide would like to extend sincere thanks to the Teacher Education Section at the Department of Education for their ongoing support and funding of this initiative.

  • YEOTY 2023 Photo Gallery | Young Economist of the Year

    Young Economist of the Year 2024 Photo Gallery

  • 2015 YEOTY ARCHIVE | PDST Young Economist of the Year 2022

    2015 YEOTY ARCHIVE Click the links below to view the entries from 2015 Click here for the 2015 Senior Category Entries Click here for the 2015 Junior Category Entries

  • 2019 YEOTY Archive | PDST Young Economist of the Year 2022

    2019 YEOTY Archive Scroll down to look at overall winning entries from 2019. Check back here in the coming weeks and months as we upload more winning entries, the special interest awards and medal awarded entries from 2019! Senior Young Economist of the Year 2019 Name of Student: Sihoo Kim Teacher: Pat Egan School: Rockwell College Project Title: Investigating Human Rationality Through Behavioural Aspect Click here to view the project Junior Young Economist of the Year 2019 Name of Students: Ava Plunkett, Orlaith McGeough, Aoibhinn Lucid, Aisling Lavery and Davina Clerkin. Teacher: James Doyle School: St Vincent's Secondary School, Dundalk Project Title: The Rise in Demand For Online Shopping and the Effects it is having on High Street Stores. Click here to view the project See More Entries from previous years

  • Resources | PDST Young Economist of the Year 2022

    YEOTY Resources This page is to help teachers and students have the tools they need to complete their best possible entry to the Young Economist of the Year Competition. ​ This page will provide a range of resources that not only will help in this competition but could also provide some useful stimuli for your Economics class! ​ We hope you find the information useful. If you have any queries or any suggestions of resources that we could add please let us know by emailing CPD November 2023 On Thursday 9th November a CPD webinar to support teachers planning to enter students into YEOTY 2024 took place. Click the link below to catch up on the recordings and presentations from the day Click here for resources CPD November 2022 On Saturday 19th November a CPD day for teachers took place in Hudson Bay Hotel Athlone. Click the link below to catch up on the recordings and presentations from the day Click here for resources YEOTY CPD Webinar 2021 We are delighted to bring you details of our live webinar for teachers in relation to the Young Economist(s) of the Year 2022 initiative. We have put together a fantastic lineup of guests for our teacher professional development webinar, Thursday, 18th November 2021 from 7.00 – 8.30 pm. If you are a teacher currently supporting students with their projects for entry to the PDST Young Economist(s) of the Year 2022 or your school is interested in getting involved in the future, this is a great source of information and ideas. Participants will hear from experts in the field of economics, ideas and tools for using data and research to support lines of inquiry along with members of the judging panel from previous years. So for a host of tips and information, we hope you can join us for the live event. Full details are available on the flyer. Flyer More Info and Recordings Teacher CPD Webinar 2020 Every year the PDST and Young Economist of the Year organise a CPD day for teachers looking to get involved in the Competition and enter their students. This year, due to Covid restrictions the event has moved online. ​ To register your place to be part of this event, please log onto Full details of the event are outlined in the attached flyer below. Registered participants will receive a link to access the recorded webinar that will be premiered on the YEOTY YouTube channel on Monday, 30th November 2020 at 7 pm and can be viewed here on ​ A recording of the event will also be available afterwards in case you miss it! CPD Webinar Info Post Primary Resources from Maynooth University Maynooth University has made some video resources to help support Economics Teachers in Post Primary Schools. To view the videos and find out more, click the link below Click here for more How to Conduct Research Conducting research can be difficult task. Where do you start? What sources can you trust? How can I make sure I'm not going to get accused of copying someones work? All of these are very important questions and essential to get right! ​ Lucky for us, Professor Rowena Pecchenino from the Department of Economics in Maynooth University has produced some excellent resources for you below! ​ Conducting Research Powerpoint Research Support Document Information Video on Income Inequality Special Interest Award Sponsored by Maynooth Unversity This short video gives an overview as to what the Income Inequality caused by COVID Special Interest Category is about. YEOTY Marking Rubric Students and teachers alike are always keen to know-how are the winners decided? Well, our team of judges, made up of the countries leading economics professors from Universities across the country and economists working with each of partners like the Central Bank of Ireland, IGEES and ESRI read through each project and grade them using a marking rubric. Each year the marking rubric is tweaked to take into account the feedback from the previous year's judging panel. The link below shows a sample of a draft rubric from last year's competition. Its important to note that this rubric may be altered slightly for the 2021 competition, but it should give you a general idea as to what is required! Click here for a Sample Marking Rubric Economic Inequality Keynote Address at YEOTY CPD Webinar 2020 Professor Miquel Pellicer from the Department of Economics at Maynooth University gave an inspiring keynote address at the YEOTY CPD Webinar on 30th November 2020. ​ Attached below is his presentation from the evening and above you can re-watch his segment from the webinar (available after the webinar is first streamed). Click here for the Presentation Minimum Wage Discussions on the minimum wage is something regularly discussed in the media, by politicians and of course economists! Tuvana Pastine from Maynooth University has produced this really interesting video on the topic. In the first part, it teaches minimum wages in a perfectly competitive setting, and then there are two interviews with academics and policy influencers. Economics of Climate Change Protecting the environment is more topical now than ever before. Climate change affects all our lives, including economics! At the 2019 YEOTY teacher CPD day in Portlaoise, there were two fantastic presentations on Climate Change, one from Lisa Neary from the UCD Energy Institute and one from Kelly de Bruin from the ESRI. A copy of both their presentations can be found at the links below. Click here for Lisa Ryan of UCD's Presenation Click here for Kelly de Bruin of ESRI's Presenation

  • Maynooth University Resources | PDST Young Economist of the Year 2021

    Maynooth University Resources for Post-Primary Economics Fast Fashion and Economics for Transition Years An introduction to Game Theory Minimum Wage for Leaving Cert Economics Why Study Economics?

  • 2024 Entries | Oide Young Economist of the Year 2023

    2024 Project Entries Below are the links for the project submissions for Young Economist of the Year 2024. ​ There is a separate submission form for each year group. Please ensure that you fill in the correct form for your entry. ​ Please only complete this form once for each entry, even if there are multiple students that worked on the entry. ​ Please ensure that all the students involved in the entry are included in the entry details. ​ The information on this form will be included in the Programme. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that you proofread all information that you include here prior to submitting the form. If you have any difficulties in completing your project submission, please email for assistance. Deadline for entries: Friday 1st March at 6 pm Important Documents before you submit your project Consent Forms Individual consent forms must be submitted for each student (whether an individual or group entry) and for the supporting teacher taking part. Unfortunately, any project submitted without the accompanying consent forms, completed in full for each person involved, cannot be considered. Download Competition Information Be sure to review the information sheet before submitting your entry! Download FAQ (Please read before submitting) What should be included on the title page of the project? The title page/start of the project must include: the name of the project, the year group of the students that did the project the name(s) of the student(s) that authored the project The project should NOT include: the name of the school the name of the mentoring teacher. These details are recorded in the submission form and should not appear on the project in the interests of ensuring anonymity and fairness in the judging process. Do you need a consent form for everyone in the group? Yes - if there is more than one person that took part in your entry than you must include a consent form for each person. The teacher consent form (included in the same document as the student consent form). Does the student or teacher upload the project? Either! It's up to you! When you complete the form, a copy of the form will be emailed to the person who completed the form. We advise that if the teacher fills in the form then they forward the email receipt to the student(s) that wrote the project and vice versa I made a YouTube Video/Prezi/Powtoon etc. How can I upload this?! Put the link on to a word document and upload the word document into the Submission Form. Remember, if its a YouTube video it needs to be set to Public or Unlisted. If you have it as Private we won't be able to see it! My project won't upload, what do I do!!! Don't worry, take a deep breath and relax! Send an email to and explain the issue you are having. The more information you can give us, the more likely we will be able to help you solve the issue nice and quick! If you can send us screenshots of the problem, even better! ​ Once you email us, don't worry, we will reply, but please bear with us, there are usually lots of questions emailed in the lead up to the deadline, so we might be a little slow to reply, but we will get back to you, don't worry! I have a question, but its not listed here! Then send us an email with your question: . One of the team will get back to you as soon as they can! ​ You never know, if its a really good question, then it might even get added here! Important: Please note the following with the consent forms: 1. A photo or scan of the consent forms should be taken and uploaded with your entry. 2. Please send the hard copies of the consent forms to: YEOTY 2024 Consent Forms Navan Education Centre Athlumney Navan, Co. Meath C15 RK03 ​ Download the Consent Form YEOTY 2024 Project Submissions 1st Year Entry Form This link is for 1st Year Projects Only. 1st Year Project Submissions 2nd Year Entry Form This link is for 2nd Year Projects Only. 2nd Year Project Submissions 3rd Year Entry Form This link is for 3rd Year Projects Only. 3rd Year Project Submissions 4th Year (TY) Entry Form This link is for 4th Year/Transition Year Projects Only. 4th Year/TY Project Submissions 5th Year Project Entry Form This link is for 5th Year Projects Only. 5th Year Project Submissions 6th Year Project Entry Form This link is for 6th Year Projects Only. 6th Year Project Submissions Northern Ireland Entry Form This link is for Projects from Northern Ireland only. Northern Ireland Project Submissions International Entry Form This link is for projects from schools/students outside of Ireland only International Project Submissions

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